Thursday, 5 September 2013

RTI filed on Rashtrapati Bhavan wrt vehicles, VVIP, social media, expenses

04 september 2013


Please provide me with information on:-

1) Procedure for sanction of purchase of motor vehicles for Presidents Secretariat.

2) Procedure for sanction of purchase of motor vehicles for Governors and Lt. Governors in various States and Union Territories of India.

3) Status of implementation of renewable energy options in various premises under the Presidents Secretariat in India.

4) Precise definition of the terms VVIP and VIP as used by Presidents Secretariat and also at functions where the President of India is present.

5) Social media initiatives, if any, at the Presidents Secretariat - viz:- Facebook, Twitter or similar accounts.

6) Where I can get centralised information on expenses on account of various Raj Bhavans and Governors establishments in India.

7) Information on expenses incurred by Presidents Secretariat on red beacons installed on motor vehicles for last 5 financial years including ongoing Financial Years.

Thank you for your kind cooperation.

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