Thursday, 16 May 2013

Why have the buses been diverted away from Delhi Airport??

Status as on 16 May 2013
Registration Number:MOCAV/E/2013/00335
Name Of Complainant:Veeresh Malik
Date of Receipt:16 May 2013
Received by:Ministry of Civil Aviation
Officer name:Shri G Asok Kumar
Officer Designation:Joint Secretary & PGO
Contact Address:R. No.268, 2rd Floor,B-Block,
Rajiv Gandhi Bhawan,
Safdarjung Airport, New Delhi110003
Contact Number:24617692
Grievance Description:It has been observed that bus routes like 727 and other DTC bus routes which used to go right past the domestic and international airport terminals are now diverted to operate far away from the airport terminals. This defeats the very purpose of public transport and larger benefits for society as whole and the rights of the common man in particular. Kindly ensure that public bus services to and from the airport are restored and an enquiry done on who was responsible for diverting these buses away in the first case.

and here is the response I received from MoCA . . .

16 May 2013
Details:This matter does not pertain to this ministry. The matter may be taken up with Ministry of DTC.

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