Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ministry of Labour and Employment / EPFO / Unhelpful

Status as on 14 May 2013
Registration Number:MOLBR/E/2012/01183
Name Of Complainant:Veeresh Malik
Date of Receipt:13 Dec 2012
Received by:Ministry of Labour and Employment
Forwarded to:EPFO, Regional Office, Delhi (North)
Officer name:Sh. A.K.Gupta
Officer Designation:Regional P.F. Commissioner I
Contact Address:Bhavishya Nidhi Bhawan,
28, Wazirpur Industrial Area
Contact Number:01127376772
Grievance Description:Greetings and Jai Hind. Please refer to your Ministry letter F . N o . Z - I O I / O I S S - I I I ( P G ), Government of lndia Ministry of Labour and Employment (Public Grievance Cell) Shram Shakti Bhawan, Rafi Marg, New Delhi, dated : 29.10.2012 Please also refer to EPFO circular on the same subject http://www.epfindia.com/Circulars/Y2012-13/CSD_PGPortal_20182.pdf In this context I would like to state that the EPFO's own Grievance Redressal platform is totally unhelpful and to the extent that it forces EPFO claimants and subscribers to go with a begging bowl to the relevant office of the EPFO. These are the defects I observe:- +There is no response or way to check status for 30 days on the online platform offered by EPFO. + Time for meeting senior officers of the EPFO is not provided, we are just pushed away from the PRO. + Rejections are done on whimsical grounds and status of despatch of rejection letters is not shown. + Most of all, it appears that EPFO has scant respect for your circular quoted above. My own settlement case is now pending for the 51st day because I refuse to go begging for it. But the larger issue is that the EPFO has no grievance mechanism of any value for citizens. Most of whom are retired people seeking nothing but their own money. This is causing a major loss of faith in money kept with the government, Please, do something, and have the grievance mechanism at the EPFO revived. As of now, it appears to be an exercise in futility.
Current Status:UNDER PROCESS
Date of Action:14 Jan 2013

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