Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Ministry of Health & Family Welfare / Chemist-Dispensary at AIIMSc

Status as on 14 May 2013
Registration Number:DHLTH/E/2013/00445
Name Of Complainant:Veeresh Malik
Date of Receipt:08 May 2013
Received by:Ministry of Health & Family Welfare
Forwarded to:Health and Family Welfare
Officer name:Sh. Amrit Lal
Officer Designation:Deputy Secretary
Contact Address:Room No. 414, D-Wing, Nirman Bhawan, New Delhi-11
Contact Number:23062655
Grievance Description:The chemist shop at AIIMSc has no cover from weather and elements for dozens of people standing in line outside. On the other hand, a wonderful underground parking lot has been made at the same hospital. Please look into this issue, as even trying to complain to the Office of the Director of AIIMSc is impossible. Patients and their relatives or attendants must please be treated better, and provided shade as well as a system, place to sit while waiting for their turn.
Date of Action:08 May 2013

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