Saturday, 7 September 2013

Ministry of Railways fresh RTI on quotas and VIPs



INFORMATION REQUIRED:- In context with HOR Quota, VIP quota following information may kindly be provided under the RTI Act of India, 2005. 1) Please provide me with information on exact and precise definition of the term VIP as used by Indian Railways in the documents referred to in A and B below. 2) Please provide me with precise and exact information on what is the well established practice being followed since long as used in document under A appended below in context with berths/seats being earmarked for said HOR quota. 3) Please provide me with exact and precise information on under what authority centralised data on reservation quota on trains running on Indian Railways are not maintained 4) Please see clause 1 in document under B below:- (i) The Emergency Quota on different trains will be released by the Railway authorities nominated for this purpose from time to time and please provide me with information on who these Railway Authorities nominated are. 5) Please provide me with exact and precise information on what happens to the unutilised upper berths in 1AC when HOR/VIPs are travelling by 1AC under clause (vii) where In case a 4-berth compartment is to be allotted to an HOR holder in the absence of a coupe, a) two HOR holders may be clubbed together in a 4 berth compartment and b) if clubbing of two HOR holders into a 4 berth compartment is not feasible and a Member of Parliament happens to be travelling by the same train, the latter may be allotted accommodation in the 4-berth compartment along with an HOR holder. 6) Please provide me with exact and precise information on the meaning of the term status of the passenger travelling as used 7) Please provide me with information on policy of alloting lower berths only to all HOR/VIP quotas.

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