Monday, 9 July 2012

Letter wrt IKEA to Hindustan Times . . .

Letter to the Editor, Hindustan Times, New Delhi . . . sent today, 9th of June 2012

Good Morning & Jai Hind,

Appended article in today's HT refers:-

Humbly submit that stating "Swedish Home Furniture Retailer" and
"Stockholm based company" is incorrect and misleading on the part of
your newspaper.

IKEA, as basic research will show, may have originated in Sweden (as
did its Nazi antecedents) but on date is most certainly another one of
those shadowy global entities with their realities hidden behind
multiple layers of corporate veils, variously through non-profit
trusts in Holland and tax-shelters in Luxembourg and Liechenstein and

Calling IKEA "Swedish" is incorrect and a correction is suggested. It
would be liike stating that the new President of India is shifting
into the Viceroy's Palace.


Veeresh Malik

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