Tuesday, 21 June 2011

RTI to Planning Commission wrt DIAL Delhi Airport GMR

Shri Sher Singh, CPIO, or incumbent under RTI Act of India 2005,
Planning Commission, Room No. 302, YOJANA BHAVAN
dtd: 03rd June  2011
Greetings & Jai Hind!!  Most humbly request information under the RTI Act of India, 2005,  please provide me with the following information, in English, and wherever feasible, in electronic format to save costs and efforts to the Public Authority. Notes:- (1) I wish to specify that you may please not provide to me that information (or particular portion thereof) which would impede the prosecution of offenders under any law of India, and also any personal information which is unconnected with any public activity/interest or which invades the privacy of any person.   (2) THIS INFORMATION IS SOUGHT IN THE PUBLIC INTEREST, AND THERE IS OVER-RIDING PARAMOUNT LARGER PUBLIC INTEREST TO BE GIVEN THE INFORMATION I HAVE ASKED FOR.
In context with Respected Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia's comments on television show with Shri Karan Thapar, pointing to the new airport in Delhi as a symbol of India's progress and greatness as well as shining position in probity in public life, I wish to very humbly and respectfully ask for the following information pertaining to the new airport in Delhi, basis above comments, under the auspices of DIAL/GMR, from the Planning Commission Public Authority thereof:-
1. Under the Joint Venture Agreement, how many acres of "acquired" land was transfered to GMR / DIAL by AAI ?
2. How many acres of this "acquired" land is presently. on date, in use for the purpose this land was acquired for and later transfered under JV Agreement to GMR / DIAL ?
3. How many acres of this "acquired" land and transfered to GMR / DIAL under JV Agreement on date is outside the "Operational" area ?
4. How many acres of this "acquired" land and transfered to GMR / DIAL under JV Agreement on date remains unutilised ?
5. How many acres of this "acquired" land and transfered to GMR / DIAL under JV Agreement has been utilised for commercial purpose or non-operation purposes such as hotels, malls etc ?
6. Please quote the Government of India Authority / Gazette Notification and date under which the use of acquired land for IGI Airport has been changed from "Operational" to "Commercial?
7. Kindly provide the names of entities and a copy of Agreement between various entities now constructing every single building on land "acquired" for IGI Airport expansion ?
8. Please provide details of information DIAL / GMR or Government of India proposals to acquire more land for its expansion of its operational or commercial activities at or around Delhi Airport.
9. Please forward a copy of all mandatory clearances and permissions permitting construction of commercial buildings at land acquired and transferred to DIAL/GMR?
10. For commercial hotels building now under construction at and around the airport of Delhi under the jurisidiction of the authorities involved, what is the permissible height of each building ?
11. If any of the above said statutory records is not available, the complete details of how it was destroyed / weeded out in each case..
12. Please provide me with information on electronic access to the catalogue (or catalogues)  of all records of your public authority duly indexed in a manner and the form to facilitate right to information, either over the computer networks or in the form of a diskette at the prescribed fees.
13. Were the comments by Shri Montek Singh Ahluwalia on the Delhi Airport operated by DIAL/GMR made by way of any official pronouncement on the affairs of DIAL/GMR, in which case I require information on whether the Planning Commission has the authority to issue such statements and if so under which Laws of India.
sent by eMail and signed hard copy, (signed) and humbly submitted,
Veeresh Malik,
Defence Colony,
New Delhi - 11oo24   (mobile: 00-91-99118-25500)
Note 1:-Application fee of Rs. 10/- in cash shall be submitted within 30 days as per procedure laid down by DoP&T at PIO, Planning Commission, New Delhi 11oo01 or at any one of the nominated APIOs located at the specified Post Offices in India, and a copy of this application along with receipt shall be sent to you co-terminus. Interim, you are requested to commence processing this RTI Application as per the RTI Act-2005 with effect from date of submission of this electronic copy, also as per the RTI Act-2005. Note 2:- The public authority, Office of Planning Commission, has not yet published their arrangements to accept / accompany electronic payments for e-filings as per section 6 of the Information Technology Act 2000, is requested to do same, - and hence I am constrained to go to extra expense / trouble to file a routine email request by Postal Department also. 

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